Who Controls Kenya’s Energy? Hilary Clinton, Benghazi, and East African Energy.

Dr. Teddy Kamau

To the average East African, Washington DC is miles and miles away. Not many people pay attention, in fact none of the ‘mainstream’ Kenyan media paid any attention or reported on what was going on during Hilary Clinton’s appearance before the house committee investigating Benghazi. However, it turns out that not everything that happens in Washington is devoid of some connection with East Africa. It turns out that when we were hearing about Kenya’s energy needs, high level players in Washington were in Dar-salaam Tanzania making deals on energy.

This should come as no surprise because if you take the Thika bypass and keep a keen eye on the new factories popping up, you will notice strange objects which look like airplane wigs! Major players fly far to milk every penny from East Africans Kenyans. It is a shame that it is never discussed in parliament
Click on this link and see for yourself.

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Clinton and Benghazi

Timothy K. Nyenjeri. HTBluff Senior Associate. An EMG Consortium. For Diaspora Messenger. [email protected]

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