Jeff Koinange Accused of Doing PR For NYS Suspect Ben Gethi


Benson-GethiJeff Koinange hosted Benson Gethi last night on his show. This is the guy who has been making all headlines this week for the Sh 791 million NYS theft.

Gethi agreed to give Jeff the exclusive, which was also his first media interview ever. There was nothing much to write about the exclusive, only that the guy came out rather less articulate than would be expected of a man who claims to be worth Sh3 billion. Perhaps it’s to be expected of a first TV appearance, or maybe he was simply not telling the truth.

His answers were not clear and he more than once tried to dodge the question of what exactly he supplies the NYS. Apparently he has been doing business with them for 5 years.

Some guys on Twitter felt that Jeff was trying to paint Gethi as the scapegoat, even after it emerged that NYS was not his first public loot (alleged).

Back in 2013, Benson was among other businessmen and IEBC officials charged for defrauding the electoral body Sh200 million.


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