Magufuli ‘bans’ meat, lunches during meetings

MagufuliTanzania President John Magufuli has called on all public institutions to cut expenditure on refreshments during meetings and have funds channeled to more important needs.

In a letter to the University of Dar es Salaam, Magufuli decried “unnecessary heavy refreshments” being offered at meetings.

Magufuli directed that lunch be served “in very rare and exceptional circumstances”, where a meeting that starts in the morning is expected to continue into late afternoon.

“Clearance to offer lunch must be sought from the Finance Officer (C&B) in the DVC- Administration’s office,” he said.

The president ordered that in meetings lasting up to two hours, only water, tea or coffee should be served.

“Light refreshments may be offered at meetings in the morning or afternoon that last longer than two hours,” he said.

“Such refreshments shall be limited to tea, water or juice and nuts/fruits and shall exclude meats and heavy snacks.”

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