Kenyan girl saves Ugandan girls from UAE tormenter


Nairobi – A Kenyan girl who smuggled her phone into a building where foreign girls were being kept in Saudi Arabia led to the rescue of some Ugandan girls when they used her phone to contact their relatives in Kampala.

Uganda’s government has banned operations of all companies that have been ferrying girls to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to work as house helps following reports that they are treated like slaves.

All this became possible because of the wise Kenyan girl who smuggled her phone into the place where hundreds of girls were being held.

The phone was also used to film some of the atrocities meted on the girls.

Ugandans were shocked on February 20 when pictures of the girls being harassed were shown on some of the local televisions and voices of girls narrating their bitter ordeals were played on FM radios.

One of the girls, Fatuma Babirye said, ”We are being held at a camp in Saudi Arabia. Many girls who have escaped from harassment from homes where they were taken to work are being held here.”

She said that she was calling using the phone of a Kenyan girl. She identified the girl as Sarah, but did not know her other name.

She said girls who are mainly from Uganda and Kenya, and a few from other African countries, are desperate to return home.

Ugandans became concerned and requested the government to immediately rescue the girls. Yesterday, 19 girls were brought back to Uganda as the government is making efforts to bring the rest.


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