Mugo wa Wairimu bashed on social media for taking daughter to bar

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Mugo wa WairimuMugo wa Wairimu has been attacked on social media for what his followers termed being “inappropriate”.

Wairimu posted a photo of himself and his under age daughter in a bar with a glass of what looks like alcohol on the counter.

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This comes days after he declared interest to vie for the Roysambu parliamentary seat in 2017.

Wairimu said he will vie due to “pressure from those who believe in his ability to lead”.

The ‘doctor’ was accused of sedating and raping a patient at his Prestige Health Care Clinic in Githurai 44, Nairobi, on November 1, 2015.

On his Facebook post on Saturday, Wairimu said, “I will never reach my destination if I stop and throw stones at every dog that barks at me, if I allow the noise of people’s opinions drown my own inner voice”.

The post attracted more than 100 comments, with people lashing out at his behaviour with others saying “he cannot become a leader”.

“At least when you become an MP you wont have a reason to rape unconscious women, they will be throwing themselves at you,”said Anne Mwangi

“But again you will be in the news with real child support issues since the ladies will know the father since they were awake”.

Bk Diki said “I admire how you articulate issues, and who said you are guilty of those allegations?? But bro,the beautiful angel in that environment??? Nop!! Now we know her,get her out of the social media madness”.

Some of his fans asked him to make sure what he is writing on Facebook is not held against him as he was going for an important seat in 2017.

“You must be a bigger dog…..With your small brains you don’t know that kids are not supposed to enter clubs…. Poor thing with a sorry figure for a dad,” said Joanne Muganda.

Kiboi Gibson said “Seriously you have no respect for the law, you are exposing that baby to beer at that age?”

But some of his fans were thrilled by him and accused other parents of taking their children to bars saying “there is nothing wrong with Mugo going with the child to a bar”.

“And anyone asking about him having a kid in the pub and acting like they do not, we all know the Kenyan family restaurants do not have anything kid friendly,” said Kifaru Mweusi.

She added Carnivore was also not the best place for children adding “Carnivore is as much as this so Kama wewe unaenda na mtoto(If you are going with the child to) carnivore do not play angel you are just like him”.

On Monday, Wairimu said “It is now official. I will begin house to house campaigns to sell my policy to residents. I am exercising my constitutional right and no one can stop me.”

Wairimu was arrested on September 10 at the Gitungo Hotel in Limuru, Kiambu county, in the wake of the rape allegation.

He denied the charges and was released on Sh1 million cash bail or Sh5 million bond but ordered to surrender his passport to prevent him from leaving the country.

Wairimu’s case was adjourned until Thursday after the defense failed to collect witness statements. Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo said the statements were key to the progress of the case against him.

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