Research Reveals Fraud Masters in Kenya


An Economic Crime survey carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has revealed individuals responsible for committing fraud in Kenyan organizations.

According to the findings 70-percent of fraudulent deals in Kenyan organizations are perpetrated by the internal management of a company.

The research revealed that supervisors were the most corrupt individuals standing at 42-percent of all fishy deals in a company.

They are followed closely by branch managers and departmental managers at 29-percent while directors, Chief Executive and managing directors were the least fraudulent, carrying out 24-percent of under the table practices in a company.

Apart from internal fraud in numerous companies , external fraud was also reported as one of the vile in Kenyan companies.

In this category customers are the most corrupt individuals responsible for 50-percent of the devious businesses.

The revelations come at a time when the National Youth Service (NYS) corruption saga has exploded in the country.

The former head of the Devolution and Planning Ministry, Anne Waiguru, has been linked to the scandal though no evidence has been provided to incriminate her yet.

However, Waiguru’s juniors including her ex Principal Secretary Peter Mang’iti have been prosecuted over the scandal that led to the loss of Millions.

11 external parties who acquired tenders from the service are also facing prosecution in the NYS corruption case.

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