PHOTOS:First Lady moves American audience to tears, receives standing ovation


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First LadyFirst Lady Margaret Kenyatta received a standing ovation in the US on Friday when she explained why she chose to run marathons rather than enjoy the comfort and trappings of her status.

She told an attentive audience of corporates, investors and political leaders from Arizona that she had chosen the grueling marathons to mobilize resources for the sake of the Kenyan mothers and children who were suffering needless pain and unnecessary deaths.

And for the first time in the last three years, the First Lady said she could have easily chosen the comforts of just being the wife to the Head of State but chose to do something for the vulnerable mothers and children.

Her address which was amplified with a video clip showing her running a marathon with thousands of Kenyans struck strong emotions among the audience who shed tears.

“I have literally been running marathons and I can understand if that doesn’t immediately strike you as behaviour befitting the wife of a Head of State, but I assure you, it has all been for the greater good”, said the First Lady.

The First Lady underlined the urgency to ensure all mothers and children access critical healthcare saying facts and statistics of the senseless deaths that continue to occur are staggering and sad.

“It is a race to save lives. It is a race against time”, she said.

The First Lady spoke at the JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Resort where she attended a First Lady’s fund-raising luncheon attended by over 1500 supporters and sponsors of Beyond Zero, mainly the business community from Arizona

The funds raised during the luncheon will enable Project C.U.R.E-an international medical supplies relief organization operating in 130 countries, to ship more supplies to Kenya.


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