The man at the centre of Senator wetangula’s fight with wife


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From L to R: Moses Wetangula ,Saint Patrick Ponce Mahele and Ann Waceke
From L to R: Moses Wetangula ,Saint Patrick Ponce Mahele and Ann Waceke

Politician Moses Wetang’ula and his second wife could as well have been swaying to violent domestic beats over a Congolese music producer, The Nairobian can reveal.

The Congolese man who could be at the centre of the domestic tiff between Senate Minority Leader Moses Wetang’ula and his second wife, Ann Waceke, is now in police custody for swindling money from Mrs Wetang’ula.

The Bungoma Senator and Coalition for Reform and Democracy (Cord) co-principal, told Karen police that his wife (who separately claimed that she was the victim) attacked him when he confronted her over an adulterous relationship with a young foreign man from the land of Ndombolo.

According to our investigations, Waceke invested tens of millions of shillings of family money in a business deal with Saint Patrick Ponce Mahele, a Congolese music producer who told this writer that, “Please, if you see her, ask her to forgive me.”

The Nairobian located Saint Patrick at the Industrial Area Remand Prison where he has been cooling his central African heels for three weeks on charges of obtaining money by false pretence.

But in his defence, he says he never coerced Waceke to give him money, but that she did so willingly after he convinced her to invest in a viable business venture in Nigeria. The business, Saint Patrick says, didn’t go well and the money went up in smoke.

“We met in June 2014 after I was introduced to her by a mutual friend at a party. I didn’t know who she was married to, but we became good friends and over time, she started putting her money in businesses that I was running,” Saint Patrick told us from his Industrial Area Remand Prison holding. He allegedly told Waceke that he had strong connections with the Congolese government, where his father had been an army general.

The Nairobian could not independently verify his claims. He says that his friendship with Waceke was tight because of their business interests,  although he refused to disclose the nature of the business they were engaged in.

“Yes, we were very good friends and I knew she was married. But I never imagined she was married to a high-profile public figure until mid-2015,” says Saint Patrick. He reveals that their business relationship went on for a few months until one day in October last year, when Waceke demanded back the huge amount of capital, running into tens of millions of shillings, which she had allegedly given him to pump into a business venture in Nigeria.

“It’s in that meeting that she confronted our other business partner, a lady named Khadija and accused her of sleeping with me. Then she demanded a refund of the capital she had put up for the business, but I explained that the money was lost because the business didn’t do well.

“When she threatened me, I knew my time in Kenya was up because she was married to a powerful man. So, I fled to Tanzania and then went back to Congo,” recounts Saint Patrick who was lured back to Kenya by a private detective hired by Waceke and then arrested before he was charged in February for obtaining money by false pretence.

“Please tell her that I am sorry. I didn’t mean to con her. In any business, you can either lose or make profits. Please, if you see her, ask her to forgive me,” pleaded Saint Patrick, who was  charged on February 2 for obtaining money falsely from Ann Wetang’ula with intent to defraud her.

He was released on a bond of Sh1 million with a Kenyan surety. He has however been in remand all this time because he is unable not get a Kenyan surety. The hearing is set to start on April 27.

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