Kenyan man arrested for calling 911 nine times in Florida

Phillip ChegeHe said he was accused of stealing a $1 beer from a convenience store, so police said he called 911 to complain — nine times.

Daytona Beach police arrested 51-year-old Philip Chege for calling 911 repeatedly, even after officers arrived and told him to stop, according to

Chege told police J Food Store said he stole a beer. The station reported that operators hung up on Chege several times for “abusive and degrading comments toward them.”

When cops arrived, they told Chege 911 was for emergencies only. Then before the police could leave the parking lot, they said he walked around the building and dialed 911 once more. When police found him again, he was still on the phone.

Chege, who was arrested Sunday, is being held in Volusia County Jail on a $500 bond.

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