BLIND PRAYERS: Do Kenyans need to pray to God for the revelation of any sins?

BLIND PRAYERS: Why have persistent problems continued to invade Kenya for decades, despite serious prayers in Kenya churches and in the Kenyan Mosques? Very many years of prayers for an end to corruption and others vices in Kenya, have not made any variable differences. Has there been something missing in those prayers?
According to the Holy Bible, when the children of Israel faced extremely difficult situations, they went to God in prayer to plead for the revelation of  the sins they may have committed unknowingly, which caused the problems they faced. Therefore, often after serious problems persisted, they tried hard to avoid seeking solutions to their problems through praying blindly, and instead they went to God in prayer to know what sins they committed unknowingly so that they would repent for forgiveness,  before asking God to solve their problems. They did that because they knew that their problems often emanate from the sins they committed unknowingly.
Every time they prayed for the revelation of the sins that caused their problems, God always  revealed the sins to them. And after they repented those sins, they were forgiven and God listened to their prayers for the solution of their problems, and surely those problems were always amicably solved. The revelation of the sins committed and hence the repentance and forgiveness,  is what clears the prayers and removes the blindness in the prayers.


After so many years of prayers in Kenya, many problems which invaded Kenya decades ago still persist up to this day. Do Kenyans need to pray to God for the revelation of any sins they may have committed, which may have been the cause of all their problems which have been persistent in Kenya for decades, or have Kenyans, unlike the children of Israel,  been too clean to have committed any such sins unknowingly? 
Despite the closeness of the children of Israel to God, they never considered themselves too clean to pray for any sins they would have unknowingly committed in the eyes of God. They always humbled themselves before God, in the belief that God knew them better than they knew themselves. That was the reason why they always avoided to pray blindly.
Likewise, before  Kenyans go into direct prayer to God to plead for solutions to the problems of persistent corruption, mysterious murders of innocent Kenyans, mysterious disappearances of Kenyans, tribal killings and the unbearable tribalism, they should kneel down in prayer and ask God,” What sin/sins did we unknowingly commit, that may have been the cause of our problems in our Nation“. No doubts, God will reveal to Kenyans any sins they may have committed unknowingly, and after they repent those sins, God will thence hear their prayers for the solution of their problems, and he will solve those problems. Avoid blind prayers and all the problems affecting Kenya will be gone.
By Isaac Newton Kinity.

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