Tight Security in Mandera ahead of Uhuru visit


Tight Security in Mandera ahead of Uhuru visit
manderapxSecurity has been beefed up in Mandera ahead of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s expected visit to the border county on Thursday.

This will be President Kenyatta’s first visit to Mandera since he ascended to power in 2013.

The residents overwhelmingly voted for the Jubilee coalition in 2013 but locals have felt neglected due to insecurity, exodus of non-local teachers, poor roads and inadequate power supply.

Mandera County Commissioner Fredrick Shisia said locals were ready to receive the head of State.

“I want to confirm that as Mandera community we are ready to receive the President and his team tomorrow,” said Mr Shisia.

On previous aborted plans by President Kenyatta to visit Mandera, the commissioner said the county remained “part of Kenya” adding that security agencies in partnership with the locals had managed to secure the area.

“There has been good cooperation between the security agencies and the local community which has resulted to better environment that is good for development and other activities,” said Mr Shisia.

Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow has on a number of occasions accused the Jubilee government of abandoning the county when it faced insecurity posed by Al-Shabaab.

“The President’s visit will restore the local community’s faith in the government and give them a sense of belonging as they will have an opportunity to see him here,” said Mr Shisia.

To close the insecurity gap, several police posts which were previously closed have been reopened after Mandera received 300 police recruits last week.

The government closed a number of police posts in Mandera in 2013 due to lack of enough officers making the few available ones easy targets for Al-Shabaab.

As preparations to receive the President got into top gear, police patrolled the streets of Mandera Town.

Women groups hired by the Mandera County government to provide sanitation services tirelessly collected litter at the Moi Stadium where the President is expected to address locals.

President Kenyatta is also expected to launch the tarmacking of Rhamu-Elwak road and construction of housing units for victims of Garre/Degodia clan clashes.

It is not clear if the President will inspect the progress of the stalled construction of Kenya/Somalia security wall project that was re-launched by Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery last month.

“We shall know what projects the state has for this part of the country tomorrow but I urge all residents to turn out in large numbers to hear the President’s message,” said Mr Shisia.


Tight Security in Mandera ahead of Uhuru visit

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