Houston area pornographer charged for killing a Kenyan

SPRING, Texas – A man who has made a name on the internet as a brash, young Twitter pornographer, has been charged with capital murder.

Patrick Wayne Kemp, 18, is accused of luring a man to a park in Spring, and shooting him in the bathroom, then stealing that man’s car and credit cards.

However, the grisliest crime scene happened May 5 inside the men’s restroom of the fun, family get-together spot.

James Thotho, 37, had been shot four times. He just died a few days ago at the hospital.

Houston area pornographer charged for killing a Kenyan
Houston area pornographer charged for killing a Kenyan

A KPRC Channel 2 Investigation recently uncovered that Thotho went to the park allegedly to meet Kemp, who answered Thotho’s online same-sex personal advertisement.


“(Kemp) stated at one point (Thotho) made a sexual advance toward him, so the (Kemp) walked out. (He) got his gun, returned to the restroom and told the (Thotho) this’this is how it’s going to be.'”

Kemp is now charged with capital murder.

A KPRC Channel 2 Investigation revealed that the Spring resident is a pornographic internet sensation, who has 38,000 people following his X-rated Twitter account and another 5,000 people on Facebook.

A police source tells KPRC, they think he’s answered other Houston area personal ads and robbed other victims.

But this time, Kemp admitted to cold blooded-blooded capital murder, according to court documents.

“(Thotho) was scared. (He) tried to run past him, but (Kemp) shot him as he was running out the door 2two to 3three times,” the sources said. “He then took the ThothoThotho’s pants because his car keys were in them and then took his car and drove off.

The same source said there may be other robbery victims, targeted by Kemp. The investigation is ongoing.

Kemp is being held with no bond at the Harris County Jail.

By Joel Eisenbaum – Investigative Reporter

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Story and photo by click2houston.com


Houston area pornographer charged for killing a Kenyan

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