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Kenyan woman with brain tumor enslaved in Oman

Kenyan woman with brain tumor

A family of a 32-year old woman is pleading with the government to help them bring back home their kin who is reportedly suffering in Oman, United Arab Emirates.

Dainies Muthoni, 32, left for the Arab country on September 14, 2015 in search for greener pastures, but that simple decision has become a nightmare for her, and her family.

She was reportedly introduced to a recruitment agency in Kenya’s capital Nairobi by her cousin who had worked in the country for a year.

Ms Muthoni’s distraught mother, Hannah Wangari says her daughter is ailing, but she continues to suffer in slavery.

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She explained to eDaily that Muthoni moved to Oman after she secured a job as a house help.

The family that Muthoni worked for was kind at first, but later turned hostile toward her, the tricenarian told her parents.

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According to Ms Wangari, things went from bad to worse after it was established that she was suffering from brain tumor and was therefore, unable to perform her duties.

Ms Muthoni who took up the job so as to support her younger siblings was taken back to the recruitment agency in Oman by the family that took her in. She was thereafter abandoned.

Ms Muthoni’s family in Kenya has been informed about their daughter’s situation.

According to the family, an agent by the name Pamela Adhiambo – who secured a passport for their daughter –, is out of reach and she is the one mandated to communicate with the agency in Oman.

The responsibility of flying back Muthoni to Kenya lies with Ms Adhiambo.

And now Ms Muthoni’s family pleads with the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Ambassador Amina Mohammed to help bring back their ailing daughter so that she can begin her treatment.

The agency in Oman claims that the family should raise a total of KSh200, 000 to secure their daughter’s air ticket.

Efforts by the family to reach out to the local leaders for help, have been futile.

Charles Mwaura – a Nakuru businessman – who vowed to help Ms Muthoni raise air ticket, has faulted unemployment and poverty for the massive traffic of humans, especially Africans, to the Arab countries.

The trafficked men and women from Africa are, upon arrival in the Middle East countries, turned into sex slaves and hard labourers.

The Kenyan government has in the recent past faced criticism for failing to monitor overseas recruitment agencies adequately after reports of torture and starvation by their employers hit the headlines – locally and internationally.

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