Retired president Moi is not dead – spokesman


moi_and_karuaFormer president Daniel Moi is not dead, his spokesman Lee Njiru has said, dispelling rumours.

Social media reports indicated Moi had died from cancer at his home in Kabarak Nakuru.

“Mzee is well and busy. Those spreading such rumors are sick in the head,” Njiru told the Star on phone on Thursday.

Moi was born on September 2, 1924. He served as second president of Kenya from 1978 to 2002.

At his 91st birthday celebration in 2015, Moi shared his secret to long life .

“The secret to long life is to know and serve God,” he said. “You should serve the Almighty God faithfully in your entire life and he will reward you with by giving you a long life.”

Moi broke his long silence in March when he warned that corruption was getting out of hand and urged Kenyans to help the government to wage the war on graft.

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