Alai Fiercely Attacks Raila’s Daughters


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alai_1Blogger Robert Alai launched a scathing attack on CORD leader Raila Odinga’s team and in particular his daughters.

Days ago, the Opposition leader announced that he had joined Snapchat, a popular mobile messaging platform mostly used to share videos, photos, texts among other content.

Mr Odinga invited his supporters to follow and engage with him while he was in the United States during a Democratic National Convention.

The controversial blogger responded by criticising the CORD leader’s social media team claiming that it consisted of Odinga’s relatives who knew nothing about online communication.

“Social Media handlers of Raila Odinga are the most useless. Some of these professional undertakings don’t need relatives,” wrote Alai.

Mr Alai particularly pointed at the former Prime Minister’s daughters terming them unprofessional.

“Raila will never get professional social media campaign support as long as he has the likes of his daughter Winnie and Noah Akala (who know nothing about social media campaigns) handle his social media communications,” he added.

The controversial blogger further cast doubt on whether the ODM leader was serious in his endeavour to clinch the country’s top job by retaining such a team.

“Sticking with these characters is what sometimes make me think that Raila doesn’t care about the Presidency. This post makes Raila look like Inooro TV correspondent taken for a tour in USA,” vented Alai.

The Opposition chief has been on a tour in the US where he attended meetings of the Democratic Party. Odinga is also expected in the United Kingdom (UK) on Friday to deliver a lecture on “The Importance of Democracy in Africa”.

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