Socialite Vanessa Chettle arrested after brawl with Prezzos fiancee

Nairobi Diaries actress Vanessa Cheruto.
Nairobi Diaries actress Vanessa Cheruto.

Party girl Vanessa Cheruto will appear in court on Friday to answer to assault charges.

The Nairobi Diaries actress was arrested on Tuesday afternoon at her house in Muthangari for allegedly engaging in a physical fight with fellow actress and fiancée of rapper Prezzo, Michelle Oyola on Monday.

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Dagoretti OCPD Rashid Hubale confirmed the arrest to Nairobi News.

Cheruto spent the night at Muthangari Police Station but was released on Wednesday on a cash bail of Sh 4,000. She will appear in court on Friday.

According to Vanessa, Michelle provoked her by insulting her and even throwing objects at her when she saw that her insults were not getting any reactions from her.

Vanessa Cheruto's post on Instagram announcing her release from Muthangari Police Station. PHOTO | COURTESY

Vanessa Cheruto’s post on Instagram announcing her release from Muthangari Police Station. PHOTO | COURTESY


“I had invited the girls of Nairobi Diaries for a treat at a saloon before we went to shoot the show. Immediately Michele arrived she started showing me attitude and insulting me. The insults didn’t bother me much but it was when she threw a magazine at me that I reacted, and we started fighting,” Vanessa told Nairobi News.

A day after the fight, Michelle accompanied by two policemen and Prezzo came to pick her up at her house.

While at the police station, Michelle offered to drop the charges if Vanessa apologized. However, Vanessa turned down the offer.

“I refused to apologize because I believe I am innocent. She is the one who provoked me. My friends and fans know that I am not a violent person and I appreciate everyone who supported me through this whole ordeal,” said Vanessa.

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