Constant destroyer:The devil has never won against our God almighty.


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God created them and put them in the garden of Eden. And God came to visit them at the cool of the day. God beautified them and gave them all they wanted or desired within their reach. The devil comes along and wants to destroy that which God had beautified. The devil is jealousy of what he sees in the Garden of Eden and wants to destroy it because his nature is to attempt and try to destroy that which God has established. But the truth is that the devil has never won a battle against our God almighty. The most important thing that the devil was after was Adam and Eve’s relationships with God. That was the first thing he attacked by questioning God’s word to them. He wanted to disqualify the integrity of God’s word to them, and therefore rendering God questionable. The same devil who showed up in the Garden of Eden shows in our daily lives and his main aim is to question God’s word over your life. He wants to disqualify what the Lord has spoken over you. He is a constant destroyer and our God is a constant builder and rebuilder.


Are you a builder, a rebuilder or a destroyer? A believer with a rebuilding and positive mentality is one who covers others, who protects others from being hurt. They always respond to gossip by saying “I am sorry I do not want to take sides, I love you both and do not want to hear anything negative about the other. The life of a believer is a life filled with the beauty of God, once we accept the Lord Jesus as our Lord and personal savior he beautifies us by forgiving us of all our sins and presents us to the father as ones who have never sinned or messed up. Hard to believe this because that is not we often hear from our tormentor the devil, Lucifer, the fallen one, the accuser of the brethren and the father of all lies. The devil will chase you down with insults and disqualifications of why you are not what the Lord says about you. The devil will use human spirits through people who claim to know you better, he will send his agents to stop you from fulfilling your life purpose, but do not stop living your God given dream.


The devil’s agents and human agents he uses will come crashing down if you stay fixed on the Lord’s promises over you. Remember what the word of God says in Psalms 20:7-8. Now I know that the LORD saves His anointed; He will answer him from His holy heaven with the saving strength of His right hand. 7 Some boast in chariots and some in horses, But we will boast in the name of the LORD, our God. 8They have bowed down and fallen, But we have risen and stood upright.


Saint of God the devil tact’s have never changed; he is jealousy of your relationship with God because he cannot have any with him. Remember the devil has already been judged, there is no reversal of judgment and all he wants is company in the like of hell. He wants you to create a false disappointment in your life towards God. He wants you to point a finger at God and accuse him of not loving you, caring for you or even being interested in you. The devil is cunning, controlling, manipulative and deceiving. The devil knows how powerful you are because of the God in you, he knows how smart you are, he knows how creative you are and even knows that if you stepped up to your God given ability, you ae the one the one the Silicon Valley is looking for a new patent or idea. So disconnect for him and all the human spirits that do not see your God given ability in you.


We often look for the devil to show up in horns and ugly outfits in our lives to destroy us, but he shows up as an angel of light, as a friend as a confident or at times as close family member, or a friend who says they have known you as from Adam, who cares about you. I urge you by the mercies of God to draw close to God and know who you have been called to and what you have been called to and why you have been called. Know that everyone will have an opinion about you, but the opinion that you should really care about is that one that God has about you. Do not try to confirm to the enemy’s opinion, to his ideas or decisions. Remain in the Lord, cling upon his opinion about you, because he cares for you, he knows your secret tears, he knows your pain, he understands what you’ re going through in way that no one can.

God sticks closer than a brother, he draws close to you when everyone walks away from you, he speaks well of you, when everyone is throwing mad at you. He loves you just the way you are. God will come through for you; he will defeat the devil on your behalf because the battle is not yours but the Lord’s. But for the battle to be his, you and I have to surrender, surrender our enemies to him, surrender our hurts, our wounds and our fears to him.


You know it’s alright to stop right here and sing the famous hymn that says “All to Jesus I surrender”. Let him take over and let him calm all your fears today, let him take your anxiety and fear for the future. It’s great thing to love the Lord, It’s a great thing to trust him and know that there is no principality in hell, no human spirit that will hinder the move of God in you. People will try but they will be deafened and go back with this report. “There is none like the power of your God, who protects, delivers and promotes. I love the words of Philips Craig in the song that says “The mountains shake before You the demons run and flee.  At the mention of the name King of Majesty. There is no power in hell or any who can stand Before the power and the presence of the great I AM.


May we develop the spirit of a rebuilder   and not the one that destroys. May we will build and rebuild one another, protect one another and care for each other, for God demands that the only way the world will know that we are his disciples if we love one another.

Have a blessed week.


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