Kenyan Going all out for Trump: Friends not Happy!


trumpWith CNN having the monotony in issues international in Kenya, it is hard to find anybody supporting Donald Trump. Many Kenyans believe that if elected, Donald Trump will deport the over 70% of Kenyans who are illegal in the United States. Though their fear is justified, given Trumps campaign rhetoric during his campaign rallies, the idea is just a political stunt!

It is not only Kenyans who are concerned about Donald Trump’s stand on immigration; many immigrants from all over the world who live in the United States illegally are spooked by a Trump presidency.

In the midst of these however, there are some Kenyans whose historical stand on conservativism is not rattled by a Trump presidency. Theirs is an ideological perspective which looks beyond the campaign noise. They hold to the idea that in an ideological world, most Kenyans fit the republican conservative message. Kenyans struggle daily to feed their families: They do not take hand outs from their government. Rather, Kenyans hustle daily selling mahindi choma, mitumba, vegetables on the street of Nairobi, and line the Nakuru – Eldoret road with their farm products: Mboga, Miji, carrots, viazi, marenge, etc! The idea of ware fare checks does not ring a bell.

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Kenyans are also socially conservative standing against abortion on demand, gay and lesbianism, and seeking a life outside of crime! It is on this principle that a young Kenyan scholar in Leander, Texas supports Donald Trump. He has decided to erect a Trump support sign in his living room above his many scholarly books. This is not going well with his Kenyan friends.

If we truly believe in the right of individuals to vocalize their beliefs, then this should not cause any alarm. One thing I love about God, who is the foundation of human thought, is His commitment to let us, his creation, be that which our conscious guides us towards. Though He has set out his demand that Christ be our door to the Kingdom of the father, He does not coerce men to belief. Rather, He has given humanity the freedom of choice. It is to this end that Joshua declared, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

The Kenyan has decided, as for him and his house they will vote for Donald Trump. That is my kind of man! Standing strong against immense force!

Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)
HTBluff Associates. An EMG Consortium. CEO – BHB TV (Kenya)
Diaspora Messenger Senior Writer.

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