Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta’s Message to Their Daughter-In-Law


uhuru-and-sonDetails of Achola Ngobi And Jomo Kenyatta’s Wedding In Karen:President Uhuru Kenyatta took with him a message of love when he attended his son’s traditional wedding in the exclusive Miotoni ridge neighbourhood in Karen.

Sources at the private ceremony had intimated that President Kenyatta was in high spirits as he escorted his first born son Jomo to fetch his lovely bride – Fiona Achola Ngobi.

Uhuru expressed his joy in seeing Ms Ngobi get married to his son adding that he and his wife Margaret were happy to receive Jomo’s fiancee into the family.

“He kept repeating how they love her a thousand times,” a source revealed on the President’s message to his daughter-in-law

Others who attended the ceremony described the bride as ‘the perfect daughter-in-law’ due to her dignified mannerisms.

Ms Ngobi is highly educated and is reported to have two master’s degrees.

She also comes from an exotic heritage – her maternal aunt is Defence CS Raychelle Omamo.

Her late dad was a Kikuyu with Ugandan roots – which explains why the ceremony was held in line with Kikuyu customs.

It has also emerged that the Kenyatta family was not spared from the rigorous activities that have traditionally been taken in the Ngurario.

The bride and groom were dressed in traditional regalia, they shared food from the kaihuri(calabash) and ucuru wa mugagatio (sour porridge) from the kinya (gourds).

The President was also spotted taking traditional beer referred to as Njohi ya njurio – liquor for asking a hand in marriage – from a ruhia (horn).

While details of the dowry remain unknown, Kikuyu customs cap the maximum number of goats that a groom can pay at 99.

In modern culture, the goats are paid in monetary form and one is allowed to pay through installments after making the initial deposit.


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