A Personal Opinion: Tromped by Trump, Now What?

A Personal Opinion: Tromped by Trump, Now What?

The world grieves with most of America for Tuesday’s awakening to Trump on the throne and the thought of him in possession of only the president’s privilege: the nuclear football (briefcase) by his side and it’s not like they could throw the blanket back on and sleep it away.


For years we watched this monster shamelessly destroy all his political opponents with the weapon of a toxic, lethal tongue like never seen before in American history.  The pain is deep and extends to the future of America, their children. I have seen videos of children crying from their heart at the notion that Trump may be the next president of the United States. It doesn’t take an adult or brain surgeon to recognize the gloom in store in a Trump presidency. He is a seasoned opportunist who does not represent the true beliefs and values of a Democrat or Republican or a christian. He changes his stand on issues as often as he blinks. His ego is bigger than the USA and Africa population.


The media and pollsters filled our hearts with hope with misleading numbers that Hillary would have a smooth sail to the White House. After all, it’s impossible to go counting heads of millions to validate the claim. We listened, analysed and believed. They’ve been right a few times before after all.  Let’s demand it’s time they dig up the underlying facts as to why, how they failed us, fooled us  so pathetically or we shut their business entities down citing incompetence.


To quote some words from the captivating activist and documentary film maker of “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Trump Land” Michael Moore, there’s a need to take the democratic party and hand it over to the people.

After years of feeling neglected by both parties the anger and revenge against  the system grew and nobody took the people with the seriousness it deserved. Along came a radical TV star some liked because they identified with the fumes of his hate and anger. His goal was to tell both parties YOU ARE FIRED. Trump won simply for the reason that the ancient yet still celebrated Electoral College still exists. Hillary won the vote. How messed up it that, you ask?  So do I. I’m not implying here that Hillary or Obama are perfect. There are a few things I still struggle with that Obama has or not done. But, I have high regard for both.  I also do know that the woman card was played by some people in denying Hillary their vote although they don’t, in fact, realize that IS the reason.

Taking America back means openly going back to enslaving, segregating, hating black people and  minorities. This is already being experienced around the country since Nov 9th.  What happened to America the land of diversity and immigrants?

The ongoing demonstrations against Trump’s win in several cities may appear a lost course but the voice of frustration tells them to speak out loud, be seen, hopefully heard and why not. Trump broke many rules of the constitution and decency but he was voted in, not because of, but in spite of.


Fire all pundits, the media, pollsters and anyone else who wouldn’t let go of and refused to listen to or acknowledge what the real feelings of the people are. Now they are telling people to come together and heal. Heck NO. Quit the rhetoric. It’s wrong to normalize this.


Fire any Democratic member of Congress who did not resist and obstruct, the way the Republicans did against President Obama for 8 solid years. Trump’s win has brought to light that America has accepted hate, immorality, bigotry, racism,sexism and all things evil as a lifestyle. That means the world follows, unfortunately.  African leaders are already having a field day talking about how they will emulate perverted Trump.


Trump, now what? The dawn of scary unethical days is here. Don t send me to the evangelicals. Their hypocrisy in all this is glaring.

I ask, will America the greatest still be great?  Is IN GOD WE TRUST no longer a valid motto? Lord, we NEED you.


By Helen Wakinyue Nthambiri

Founder, Etiquette Passionista

epassionista@gmail.com or



A Personal Opinion: Tromped by Trump, Now What?

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