Awaken your dead dreams: Ignite your zeal for dreams count

Awaken your dead dreams, ignite your zeal for dreams count

Awaken your dead dreams: Ignite your zeal for dreams countImagine a world and make it count! Yes,we are all thinkers,dreamers and creatures of unlimited imaginations. Some of our dreams come true while others abort along the way.Where is the disconnect??
A thin line lies between what is and what is not. The discoveries, technology and industrialization we experience today, all began in the mind.  In other words, the world would be a void place without imagination.
Imagination however is not enough. We must create. It is not enough to dream, we must keep our dreams alive.
Whatever we can imagine,  we can create.  From better personal lives to better governments,  it all begins in the mind.
The onus is on those who’ll harness that power  of the mind and bring their dreams to birth.  We can all do that. Impossible is Nothing.
Imagine a world and Create it; it’s high time we made our dreams count. If we can imagine it, we can create it!

Imagine the  world and create it is a powerful book by Elizabeth Ekakoro Bore,it is an inspiration to all to re-ignite our zeal to dream. whatever you dreams,you can bring it to pass.

Elizabeth is a former Diaspora who went back to Kenya after studies in Ukraine.She is a contributor of Diaspora Messenger and now an author of her first book.

Readers abroad can get an [email protected] 6.oo USD,click here to get a copy-
Those within Kenya can  make their order and  will deliver. send order email to [email protected]


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