The Christmas tree can be a vivid reminder of the cross in Christmas. Christ died on a tree—a wooden cross made from a tree. He was born to die. So, as we celebrate Christ’s birth with the Christmas tree and all the other traditions of Christmas, let us also celebrate the reason for His birth. Christ was born in order that we might be born again in Him. That is the real beauty of the Christmas tree! Now that’s something to celebrate. “Joy to the world, the Lord has come!”

But Christmas can also be a sad time for many. It is a time for missing loved ones with whom we once celebrated Christmas, but are now dead. Many of us have family or friends who died at this time of year. Saturday we accompanied our granddaughter and her family to the visitation of her 11-year-old friend who died unexpectedly. It was a tragic time for family and friends. That day, December 17, was also my mother’s birthday; she died in 1990. My Dad died on December 16, 2011. Christmas time reminds me of them, because it was always a special time for our family to gather. Christmas can be a wonderful, yet sobering time. Let us cherish the precious memories as we celebrate the joyous birth of our Lord. And if Christmas reminds you of death, let it serve as a sobering reminder of the value of life. Cherish your life, and make the most of it. And by all means, celebrate Christmas!


Merry Christmas,

Lewis & Lue Gregory


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By Lewis & Lue Gregory

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