KOT angered by BBC article on ‘Trump to deport Kenyans’

US President Donald Trump. /FILE

Kenyans on Twitter have been angered by a story published by an international media house, BBC.

According to BBC, more than 30,000 people could be sent back to Kenya if President Donald Trump makes good his campaign pledge to deport illegal immigrants.

In 2015, Trump said he would deport Kenyans living in America if elected US president.

Trump, who voiced his opposition for America’s immigration policy, said the US is “the only country in the world whose immigration system puts the needs of other nations ahead of our own.”

In an article by satirical website Newslo, Trump said he would deport both Kenyan and Mexican immigrants and make the two countries meet the costs.

But through hashtag #SomeOneTellBBCAfrica, Kenyans asked the media house to “leave Kenyans alone.”

“Don’t seek relevance by mentioning Kenya in your nonsensical articles… Leave Kenyans alone,” Atanas said.

Nyamsinc said “#SomeOneTellBBCAfrica to give us a break. We have just seen through the 44th USA president #BarackObama.”

“#SomeOneTellBBCAfrica that a Kenyan boy has been ruling America in the last couple of years ago, and everybody else knows this,”Kimeto said.

But other users defended BBC saying Kenyans had not read the article entirely.

“Don’t mind Kenyans,they complain over anything…most of them have not read that article,”Mercy Hamisi said.

The article said the deportation threats if made real would see people from poor backgrounds hoping to study in the US under scholarships, be deported.


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