More and more I am beginning to understand the fullness of the power we have as believers of Christ. God has already established what He wants for us. 99% has already been done by God, He now only requires 1% from us and that is to speak our destiny into action!

Romans 10:10 is a practical example of our role in the 1%-  For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Emphasis being in our mouths confessing. This salvation is not limited to the salvation of the soul from sin, but rather it also means the expected outcome of what you would like God to do. Better yet the answer or outcome, blessing or breakthrough you want in 2017.

Most of us have resolutions or goals for the year. Most have already received their “Word (s) of the year. Now the journey to the answers starts; speaking the promises of God regarding what you want until they manifest. 2017 will require walking in faith and putting that faith in action. That is what Hebrews 11 is all about, Faith. Remember Faith is what pleases God. Each person mentioned in Hebrews 11 ACTED on the promise. Abraham did, Sarah did, Noah did, Isaac did and YOU CAN DO!

God will not do the speaking for us. He has already spoken and forever His Word is established and It will not change! Like Moses, the Rod is in your hands this time is your mouth. Speak into the year concerning your spiritual, physical, emotional and financial life. Speak into the year concerning your semester, your professors, your job, your boss, businesses and investments. Speak into the year concerning your health, your children, your marriage and extended family. Speak into the year concerning your ministry. Speak into the year concerning your new home or vehicle. The power is in you and in your mouth. Speak in faith believing (heart) and your mouth CONTINUING to confess daily until you see the answer (salvation). SPEAK INTO YOUR DESTINY. Speak into 2017


 By Pauline Adongo. For books and other material visit http://www.paulineadongo.com

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