State closing in on drug-dealer politicians, Kiraithe warns


Heroin addicts in Lamu county prepare the drug before using it, November 21, 2014. /REUTERS

The government will soon arrest key drug barons, some of whom are politicians, spokesman Eric Kiraithe has said.

Kiraithe said on Thursday that those on their radar will be apprehended and prosecuted despite their positions.

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“If you are caught and arraigned, kindly do not say it is a political war. Spare Kenyans that rhetoric. Just stop it today… there are very many legitimate business you can do,” he said.

“Some [of you] walk around thinking you are indispensable. I assure you that when we arrest you and put you in court, there will be no political vacuum.”

Kiraithe declined to name the suspects in his state of the nation address in Mombasa, an area adversely affected by the drug abuse menace.

But he said: “Every Kenyan committing crime is under investigation regardless of where they are.”

Kiraithe said proceeds from the trafficking of narcotics were being used to negatively influence youths who arethen hired as hecklers.

He said politicians are forming gangs, not for personal security, but to intimidate opponents and for arrogant displays of power.

“These people will face the full force of the law,” he reiterated.

He added that the government was also zeroing in on those with illegal guns, whom he said should also not cry political foul play.

Coast regional coordinator Nelson Marwa issued a similar warning on Wednesday, saying only drug dealers needed many weapons.

He noted the only people they were arresting were drug barons, suppliers and brokers.

“Are they protecting heroin, cocaine? Kwani bunduki ni za nini? Si ni kuprotect heroin na cocaine ((What are the guns for? It is to protect heroin and cocaine)…if you see someone carrying two guns you should know that is an international dangerous criminal,” he said.

“That is a very dangerous individual and he must be dealing in drugs … We are cracking down on drugs. Guns are used to protect drug barons,” he continued.

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