Why Raila Odinga is his own very worst enemy

ODM Executive director Magerer Langat at Orange house. Photo/Monicah Mwangi

I want to start by pointing out that I have worked closely with Raila Odinga, both as an ODM legislator and as the CEO of his Orange party.

The opinion poll’s percentage is perfect and correct.

To start with, Raila is his own worst enemy and has perfected the art of conning Kenyans by painting himself as the only redeemer Kenya cannot move forward without.

After the 2013 loss, the expectations of many were that he would throw in the towel and bow out of politics, but, given his style of politics, he re-engineered his way back into the political center-stage.

His first attempt to run for president was in1997, only for him to emerge a distant third. In 2002, he opted to support Mwai Kibaki, thinking the old man would serve just one term.

Then in 2007 Raila tried his luck again, but the ghosts of stolen elections paid homage to the power of incumbency. In my opinion, the 2007 strategy to win the presidency was his best show ever. Due to his miscalculations and inability to keep friends, he once again lost at the 2013 election and I believe that was his last chance.

The August 8 general election, should NASA settle on Raila, will not favour the “Enigma of Kenyan Politics” as the political dynamics have completely shifted from his outdated business-as-usual stance.

His greatest undoing when it comes to becoming President concerns his bloated expectations that State House comes on a silver platter. No. He needs to work for it, spend resources and maintain a good network of friends. Raila in all his failed tries to be President has failed to be strategic in his approach. He is a keen consumer of bad advice. His ears are largely for his cronies and close family members, who have proven over time that they are of minimal value.

His chances are getting slimmer by the day, and, by September, he will again be crying foul about how he was rigged out.

Kenya is progressing and young blood is taking over leadership, both at the county and national levels. Raila’s age is quickly advancing and if NASA does not endorse him as the flagbearer, he will have no choice but to retire.

The energetic duo of UhuRuto will definitely whitewash a Raila candidature – that is guaranteed.


– Former ODM Executive Director

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  1. LWK says

    Mr. Langat, Respectfully, Sir, there was never a ‘stolen’ election; for you to state such at this particular time is really making waves where there were none. Mwai Kibacki was not the tough guy who bought his way into politics with favors. He was a gentleman and a quiet coalition leader. Under his umbrella there was a rainbow coalition. And this nonsense that the international media is O’Raila’ed up to believe that a certain group has always been in power in Kenya is nonsense given that President Moi was not a member of that group and was in power longer than any other Kenyan politician. Kibacki was fair-minded and not a conniver nor was he a sharleton, like many other politicians. He shared power with Raila Odinga, even after being accused by Odinga of something he didn’t do. Some with stop at nothing to get power, but it wasn’t President Kibacki who did that. So please stop referring to a ‘stolen’ election. That is not proper not proven (and isespecially not something to bring up at this particular time unless someone is trying to stir things up–let me just say–it is an unproven and therefore untrue allegation). People should just go out and vote and do their best to work for their candidates. That is democracy.

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