How Kenyans are humiliated in their own country by foreigners


Kenya is known to be a peaceful country which is always welcoming visitor and making them feel at home.

As Kenyans, we don’t assume people especially visitors but to some extend this courteous act seem to be abused by some foreigners.

After enculturation, some of the visitors now become more Kenyan than the Kenyan citizens. This brings me to my topic of discussion.

I think a number of you of late have seen a number of South Sudanese walking freely in our country some doing business, working in given offices and even going to some of our schools.

It is so sad when you see some of these Sudanese humiliating Kenyans in their motherland.

First and foremost some of them openly abuse Kenyans telling them how poor they are without really minding that they have been hosted by the same Kenyans.

Secondly, I have seen on several occasions some of them physically assaulting Kenyans.

A good number of the people who have been assaulted when they report the same to the police, these Sudanese secure their freedom by bribing the police.

This has left many Kenyans frustrated and vulnerable to their visitors’ heinous acts. They seem to understand our country more than we do.

Thirdly you find that some of these Sudanese harassing their domestic workers, some to an extent of not paying them after working for them.

A section of them who are in business also do the same to their workers and even their business partners.

For example, a friend of mine delivered goods worthy Sh 400,000 to a Sudanese citizen who promised to pay him in two weeks’ time, only to be told that the Sudanese guy left for his country and he will not come back soon.

A number of Landlords can attest to this, some of the Sudanese are forced out of their rented house after failing to pay their rent arrears for several months. Some even relocate to other places without paying their rent.


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