VIDEO: Magufuli speaks on fake academic papers

  • President Magufuli has launched a war on government officials bearing fake academic certificates .

The tough talking president decried the increase of ghost workers in his government saying he will root them out.

As the Government of Kenya tries its best to corner Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho over his alleged fake KCSE certificate, Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has also began a similar hunt.

Magufuli speaks on fake academic papers(video)


Magufuli wants to carry out a purge among civil servants in the country and weed out those with fake academic papers. The no nonsense Head of State however wants honesty and is asking those with primary school papers but purport to have higher academic qualifications to come out and admit they lied. READ ALSO: The ELABORATE plan Raila will use to stop Jubilee from rigging elections

Magufuli speaks on fake academic papers(video)

“If you forged, come out and admit and say I only reached Form Four and would you take me to a job group which fits my academic qualifications?”We want to reform this country. If you are a typist, you will be employed to do that,” said Magufuli. He said the country is also full of ghost workers and students and they must be smoked out and made to pay for their sins.

He especially said corruption was mostly among the top echelons in the civil service saying he will straighten things up


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