[AUDIO] Ruto gave money for my downfall, ‘angry’ Kabogo claims


William Kabogo has accused DP William Ruto of giving out money at Jubilee headquarters to ensure his failure in the Kiambu governor primaries.

In an interview with the Star on Wednesday, the Governor said he did not have solid evidence to support his claim but that people “told me all sorts of things”.

“We saw so and so receiving money from a black Mercedes Benz at Jubilee headquarters. They would go to a hotel and plan how to rig and the people who were planning mentioned the DP’s name. I have a recording of the same,” he said.

Kabogo said it was unfortunate that Ruto was involved in the county’s political affairs as this amounted to imposing leaders on the people.

“I am a man full of anger and bitterness but I realised this will not help my people. I had opted to concentrate on my business and watch things unfold from the fence but then my love for the people of Kiambu drove me back,” he said.

“I am not just after money or imposing myself on the people. The people of Kiambu know what they want. Even if I am left in the ballot room alone, I will not add a single paper in my favour to impose myself on them”.

Kabogo said more than 50,000 people advised him to go independent and that after consulting widely, he decided not to turn his back on development-oriented minds.

“My track record [says it all]. I did not want to involve myself in any corruption. That is why by 5pm I had called the media to concede defeat,” he said.

But he maintained he won the nominations and only decided to throw in the towel after Ruto’s alleged manipulation of the exercise.

Kabogo lost to Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu whom he accused of thriving on propaganda and malicious accusations.

Regarding claims the armoured cars he used for campaigns cost him dearly, he said: “This man is so obsessed with Kabogo. He has no development agenda for the people of Kiambu.”

Asked whether he thinks he is arrogant, Kabogo said this was a false notion propelled by opponents who want to gain mileage.

“Being a Governor is not a game in a beauty contest. You have to be firm with people who intend to misuse public funds. You only smile when you have to and that is who I am. If my face says I am arrogant I am sorry for that,” he said.


Kabogo expressed confidence that he will win the election but said his only worry is whether he will fulfill his agenda.

“I am confident that I will be in office for another term. What is happening now has happened to me several times while I was an MP. I won then and I will win this time too,” he said.

“It has taken a lot of time to build a base for sourcing our own revenues as a county. The stone-throwing by leaders coming on board will destroy this and then we shall be just like the rest,” he added.

But he added that he will accept defeat should this be the case in the August 8 general election, as this will be the people’s will.

Kabogo said his love for party leader President Uhuru Kenyatta had not faded but that it was a mistake to put secretary general Raphael Tuju in charge of the nominations.

“I am the one who brought Uhuru back to the path when he almost endorsed [Amani leader Musalia] Mudavadi as president. I am a die-hard supporter of his policies because I believe he is a leader committed to seeing Kenya transformed,” he said.

The county chief said he will vie for president in 2022 should the people want this. Ruto is expected to be in the race to succeed Uhuru who will only rule for two terms.

“For now I do not support anyone but Uhuru. I will weigh my options on whether to vie or support Ruto. After all, his vision and that of Uhuru are the same,” he said.

Kabogo warned the party about the large number of politicians who decided to run independently after losing in the nominations.

“This is a number no party cannot ignore.What if all these candidates make it to the next government? It means the President will have it rough selling his agenda to the county and national assemblies and senate,” he said.

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