Shut up, Raila, Kenya cannot afford a national referendum


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Shut up, Raila, Kenya cannot afford a national referendum
Shut up, Raila, Kenya cannot afford a national referendum

GOING from a presidential to parliamentary system would require a national referendum.

But this country can ill afford a referendum at this time, a plebiscite of any manner, because we are bleeding at the moment and people are suffering without food and shelter.

I will tell Raila to shut up, there is no need. We have got more problems today than creating other problems.

There is nothing so bad than your people suffering because they cannot afford food because it is expensive, it is painful. I would urge Raila today not to waste time on that issue at the moment, the time is not ripe. This is not the opportunity to create other problems, let us build with what we have and what we have are issues of social economics that are really biting us.

So, this country can ill afford such a luxury as a referendum to satisfy the curiosity and the interest and egocentric minds of certain politicians. It is not advisable, it is not right.

The Constitution is very clear that Cabinet Secretaries shall be appointed away from Parliament. I believe it is right as such so that you delink the roles of the Executive and the Legislature from each other, so that they stand out as independent as opposed to when we mixed them.

What, if I may ask, what is the extra ounce in performance by a Member of Parliament as a CS compared to a non-MP as a minister. One big zero, I would say. Today, the CS Education, Fred Matiang’i, is an outstanding performer, so the issue of appointment is critical and wanting. We need to be clear on the history of performance and record of individuals when we are appointing them as ministers. But, unfortunately, you see we go for our friends, cronies and relatives and all that stuff.

I understand that ODM was for the parliamentary system from the word go and when they went to Naivasha certain individuals within the party abandoned the view and went their own way, and, consequently, when the matter was picked for the vote those for presidential won handily over those for parliamentary. Raila was from the beginning for the parliamentary system of government at that time.

But within Naivasha certain individuals out of ODM opted to go their own way for personal reasons because they had grudges with Raila.

Bett is a former Comptroller of State Houses, MP and Cabinet Minister


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