Somewhere between Right and Wrong: Why NASA’s David Ndii should Commit Suicide


Somewhere between Right and Wrong: Why NASA’s David Ndii should Commit Suicide

Somewhere between Right and Wrong: Why NASA’s David Ndii should Commit Suicide
David Ndii speaks out first time since his release from custody

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Every one of us has in their lives done that which they knew was wrong! The question that we must ask ourselves is, when others do the same thing that we have done, do we judge them on the basis of what they have done wrong or do we use our own yard stick as the cannon for judgment? Deep in the heart of every Kenyan voter sits reasons why they cast their vote. If we were going to be honest with ourselves, we would voice these reasons honestly.
These reason include but are not limited to the following. They Voted for Raila or Uhuru because of;
1.         His tribal affiliation in respect to my tribal heritage
2.         Belief that voting for the other candidate propels my tribal disadvantage in the governance of the country.
3.         A deep rooted hatred and fear of the other tribe members
4.         The belief that only a person from my tribe can satisfy my social priorities and beliefs
5.         Historical Stereo types that have directed my attitude towards the neighbor from another tribe.
These are inner issues that all of us in the world deal with. They are also the foundations for racism and other negative isms. It is the same inner guidance that dictates the American social landscape. The question is, are we wrong in thinking this way? I argued in my guest Lecture at University of Central Florida that the Christian Principle of tolerance or of right and wrong cannot be imposed on others! That the call to love my neighbor as I love myself is limited to me as a believer! The non believer would benefit from this Divine principle but I cannot force people to love their neighbor. The right to love or not love is different from loving and hating! Having a thought or idea is not wrong or right, but actuating it gives reason for judgment. Jesus however argued that looking at a woman and wanting her is adultery! Tough.
For example, the KKK in America are citizens with the same rights as the Black Panthers. They both have the right to exist and voice their opinions. The KKK, the White Supremacists, the Alt-right, all have the right to match in any city in America peacefully! Their decision to match is not wrong or right within moral codes. People have the right to their opinions provided these opinions are not actuated in violating the right of the other people to also have their opinion. If the two groups in Virginia had walked in a parallel mode without interfering with the other, all would have been fine. Both have rights as United States citizens to match!
It is the same thing with the Kenyan tribal differences. Each individual has the right to think what they want to think about the other tribe. There is no universal code that is violated by people’s tribal or political fears. If I want to sit in my house all day for fear that my neighbor hates me, fine! If my neighbor thinks I am privileged because I am from that tribe or another, that is fine with me. But he or she cannot stop me from living my life within the republic. I can choose to wake up, drive to Nairobi, or Naivasha, or Kisumu or Mombasa. The wrong comes when my neighbor takes his or her theories about me and tries to dispose my right. Then it becomes wrong. All good constitutions and laws are founded on the right of each person to be.
We cannot condemn people because they have different opinions from us. We should condemn them when they try to impose their opinions upon us. It is here that the demonstrations in Kenya should be condemned. Not because certain groups of people believe they should have won the elections, they have the right to believe that. However, when they use their right to express their opinions, and they do it in a manner that interferes with other people’s right to live their lives, then they should be condemned and the STATE must exercise ITS obligation to silence them!
It is here that the Kenyan government must take the voices of NASA’s Technical advisor David Ndii seriously. He has claimed that he and in extension NASA followers are prepared to die for that which they believe to be intellectually true: That Kenyan institutions are rigged to favor a certain tribal group! If David Ndii wants to believe that and take rat poison in his house, fine! In this case he has the right to his opinion. However, when he calls for NASA to actual war with the STATE and those with whom they disagree, it is wrong!
Such a person is dangerous to others and should not be given the right to kill those with whom he disagrees.  The STATE has DIVINE Mandate to govern and part of this governing is protecting the innocent! Romans: 13
Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD)
HTBluff Associates
Diaspora Messenger Senior Columnist


Somewhere between Right and Wrong: Why NASA’s David Ndii should Commit Suicide

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