Three hot women who loved Dr Wahome Gakuru


Three hot women who loved Dr Wahome Gakuru

Three hot women who loved Dr Wahome Gakuru

  • The late Nyeri Governor’s cocked private life exposed as one of three ‘wives’ locks herself in his bedroom
  • Dr Wahome Gakuru had a First Lady, a Second Lady and the cute Kendi who wanted him all to herself
  • Diana Kendi, who is said to have a baby with Gakuru is his first wife’s niece

The late Nyeri Governor Dr Wahome Gakuru loved women. And his death in a grisly road accident only fueled the fire about his private life, a life full of sideshows linked to his numerous flames.

Take this year’s Nyeri agricultural show in September for instance. Word leaked that Dr Gakuru had tried reaching out to his estranged first wife, Catherine Wahome, to take up the position of Nyeri First Lady.

Sources close to the late governor’s office confirmed he bought a luxury car as an olive branch to Catherine, a Cambridge-educated, international human resource consultant.

This infuriated his other woman, Diana Kendi, and whom the governor had appointed to the position of Nyeri County Executive for Trade, Tourism and Cooperative Development.

Kendi, who happens to be Catherine’s niece, and with whom Dr Gakuru is said have had a baby, was unhappy that Catherine had been bought a Toyota Prado, and offered the plum position of First Lady.

The Prado bought for First Lady Catherine Wahome at Ring ROad Estate, Nyeri

Kendi, who previously worked at the Machakos County Government where she was said to have been instrumental in the establishment of the Machakos People’s Park, chose the agricultural show as the ideal opportunity to express her displeasure and show her ‘competitors’ who was the boss.

She threw the security detail into a spin when she defiantly planted herself on the back seat of Dr Gakuru’s official car. Unable to get her off the car, Dr Gakuru had no choice but to ride with Kendi after the function that was attended by President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta.

After the incident, Catherine refused to use the Prado which remains parked at the late governor’s Ring Road Estate home in Nyeri.

Kendi, however, is not the only woman laying claim to the governor.

Diana Kendi

Just last Saturday (November 11), Catherine was in Nyeri accompanied by local leaders during a press briefing on burial preparations which she confirmed were going on smoothly.

But as the day progressed, another woman, Anne Wangui (Kui) showed up with a three-year-old baby, flanked by her relatives, including parents, aunts, uncles and cousins as she made a dramatic entry to the rural home of Dr Gakuru in Kirichu, where vigil, prayers and funeral preparations were underway for his burial on November 18.

Kui, who was Dr Gakuru’s campaign mobiliser during his failed bid for the position in the 2013, claimed she had been Dr Gakuru’s wife since 2009.

A social media post allegedly linked to her and addressed to friends of Dr Gakuru asked if they knew him (governor) or were being respectful to his memory by side-lining her in the burial arrangements.

“I met Wahome in 2009, and I have related and lived with him ever since. Everybody knows Wahome never lived in Runda; not even once. We stayed along State House Road from 2009 and in 2011, we moved to Kilimani, where we have been living there to date.


She post further claimed that, “We were not (the) perfect (couple) but that man loved me to death and out of it, we got a son who turned three. Does anyone of you sympathise with us? The pain we feel… does anyone not care about his youngest child? Why the pretence after his death? I have been the woman in his life and his friends and family know this, why would his real friends not come and mourn with his family?”

Dr Gakuru’s family did not know how to handle Kui when she stormed the home, and unwilling to engage her, the family watched as her clan strategically positioned themselves, while Kui matched into the main house and headed straight for the late governor’s bedroom where she locked herself.

Nyeri leaders and a calm Catherine drove off, leaving mourners open-mouthed at the spectacle.

Contacted by The Nairobian, Kui did not confirm she was Dr Gakuru’s wife or whether the post was indeed hers.

Before these women crawled from the woodwork, Catherine had taken a back seat in the late governor’s life. She only resurfaced during the campaigns after Dr Gakuru’s detractors started mocking him that he had no home or family to speak of and was thus unfit to run the county.

As the allegations gained currency, Catherine emerged with her three sons for a photo opportunity, with the picture being published in a local daily before retreating to her Runda home in Nairobi.

Her brief appearance seemed to have put an end to the rumours that Dr Gakuru had no family. Her appearance buoyed his chances and was said to have been one of the many reasons he won during the August 8 poll.

Catherine later made more efforts to appear in public after her hubby was sworn in and even attended his State of the County address at the County Assembly, sitting at the Speaker’s Gallery, taking notes and watching.

Confident, strong, well-spoken and calm, Catherine has been shuttling between Nyeri County and her home in Runda in preparation for Dr Gakuru’s burial.

In a public appearance at the Dedan Kimathi University of Science and Technology, the grieving widow said she had found peace by trusting that God had a reason for taking the father of her children.

“God is not malicious,” she said. “Everything He does is with a purpose and for reason that is beyond our understanding,” she added.

Catherine revealed that she had known the late governor for close to 30 years, having met when they were both pursing their master’s degrees. “I have known him for half my life, and the truth is he was a sore loser and would not give up when I rebuffed his advances, which is probably why I fell in love with him.”


Three hot women who loved Dr Wahome Gakuru

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