VIDEO: Horror of African men sold into slavery in Libya

A disturbing video has emerged showing Libyan men being sold into slavery for as little as $300 (Ksh.30,000).

The video, which was retrieved by a CNN journalist, shows black men lining up and being auctioned by a man whose hands we can only see.

In the bid, the men are sold to Europeans according to their physique and abilities, just like old slavery times. The man in the video who is speaking  in Arabic is heard referring to the men as “merchandise”,  then shouting, “Big boys for farm work” and he points to each of them quoting their value, “$400, $700 and $800”.

History has it that, men electioneered into slave trade in the 19th century were also marketed as “big strong boys for farm work”.

According to an interview with CNN the captives confessed of being sold into slavery and even beaten when put to work and finding out that the auctions, which happen on a monthly basis, take place at 9 locations across Libya.

However, Libyans on Twitter including Mary Fitzgerald a contributing author of The Libyan Revolution and its Aftermath revealed that the news was not shocking.

“Those of us who work in Libya have known about this for some time, but the video really brought it to the world’s attention,” she said.

The selling of Africans to Europe comes out as a result of migrants wishing to go to Europe get bid by traffickers to Europeans who want play master and slave.

The video attracted an outcry following protests by Libyans in Europe , US and Africa.

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