VIDEO: Kenyans fighting in Dallas- Nothing to do with NASA or Jubilee



Many Kenyans in Dallas Texas were disappointed and angry after the fist fight video taken at Maasai Grill restaurant went viral. It was embarrassing to  see Kenya’s representatives in the Diaspora fighting one another in the open and outside an establishment that in a way represent Kenya.

Initial report by Tejada Castro in his face book profile indicated that the cause of the fight was as a result of an argument between NASA and Jubilee supporters. The report gave an insinuation that political temperatures in Kenya had spilled over to the diaspora, this caused worries because the incident happened two days before Uhuru’s inauguration.

More information now reveal that the fight had nothing to do with Kenyan politics but an alcohol fueled disagreement between two people which extended to their friends and became an all out fight.

According to a Mr. J ka Roki who reached out to Diaspora Messenger,some concerned Kenyans in Dallas Texas wanted to make sure that the general public did not have erroneous information that will further divide our community especially during this sensitive post election season.

His sentiments were supported by many who commented in the social media posting on the video.

By Isaac Kariuki/Diaspora Messenger



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