NASA MP revolts against Raila over swearing-in

NASA MP revolts against Raila over swearing-in Ford-Kenya’s West Mugirango MP Vincent Kemosi has criticized opposition leader Raila Odinga over his planned swearing which he said will be inconsequential.

Kemosi said Raila should reconsider his plans of taking a Presidential oath because it was not based on any solutions to various challenges facing the country after the rigorous election campaigns which lasted over six months.

“The swearing-in is of no significance because which Statehouse is he going to occupy? Which army is he going to command? Which resources will he have control over as the want-to-be head of State?” Kemosi posed.

The MP’s stance, he clarified was not calculated at showing any sympathy to the ruling Jubilee Coalition Government but it was based on realism.

He said even the Jubilee Government had a lot of issues which needed to be looked into, but categorically stated that NASA was losing its baste by continually insisting on swearing Raila as President.

“The country has lost a lot over the previous six months of politicking and at this moment we should be focused on finding solutions to various challenges which we are facing and how to move forward peacefully without any confusions arising from our politicians,” the MP said.

On the other hand, the MP expressed his furry over what he described as being shortchanged of NASA affiliate parties by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party during the Parliamentary elections to choose various representatives in the House Committees.

“Before we went to elections, we had an agreement which was binding to the coalition partners. But we were surprised that the ODM Party decided to take up everything without considering those from the other coalition partnership,” he said.

The MP was among those who were vying for the position of Vice Chairmanship to the Parliamentary Committee on Transport.

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