An Affordable Way To Ship Packages From USA to Kenya


Thinking of how to Ship Packages From USA to Kenya?

Are you on Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Bestbuy or other top online retailer websites in the US shopping for stuff you wish was available locally in Kenya?

I bet by now you know the top shipping companies in the world charge an arm and a leg to Ship Packages From USA to Kenya.

An even bigger nightmare is they don’t clear the goods they ship to you.

That’s upon the customer to figure out how to pay for the customs and clearing fees however much it will cost.

Why should you go through all that hustle ?  offers a shop and ship or ship only service for $15 per kg.

In the ship only service, We ship customers packages to Kenya upon receiving them at our US office.

The $15 per kg fee includes clearing and customs fees so our clients don’t have to worry about that part.

In the shop and ship service, we can shop for you and ship the packages to you in Kenya.

Clients without credit cards or whose credit cards are not accepted by US retailers prefer using the shop and ship service.

Payments for our services can be made via mobile money(mpesa) , paybill or bank transfers. 

Why Shop in USA from Kenya?

This is a trend that is gaining momentum in Kenya and surrounding East African countries.

The online shopping experience and variety in the US is unmatched.

Every online shopper wants to be unique by shopping for stuff not available locally.

Keeping up with fashion trends is a hobby for many of our clients.

Prices of a variety of products are more affordable in USA than they are in Kenya.

Less counterfeit products in the USA, hence the appetite for quality and original products by avid online shoppers.

Ready to start your online shopping experience & Ship Packages From USA to Kenya?

Go to to register and  click on the How It Works tab to learn more about our services.

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