IEBC is cursed, Chebukati must also resign – Orengo

Siaya Senator James Orengo now says IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati must resign.

Orengo in a statement on Monday said Chebukati must lead the remaining commissioners in exiting the commission on grounds that the commission has become a felonious enterprise.

Orengo said the Wafula Chebukati led commission was first “captured” by the state to allegedly rig the presidential elections last year.

The newly elected Senate Minority leader said later the commissioners and staff became greedy players in the procurement process.

“There are no longer good or bad commissioners in IEBC. The organisation is cursed,” Orengo said.

Orengo’s statement comes after three commissioners rendered their resignation accusing Chebukati of poor leadership.

The commissioner Connie Maina vice chairperson, Amb Dr Paul Kurgat and Margaret Mwachanya accused Chebukati of having suspended CEO Ezra Chiloba without due process.

“It has miserably failed accountability, efficiency and accuracy tests as stipulated in the constitution. Corruption is deeply rooted in its operations for which Msando had to be brutally murdered to secure its fraudulent activities,” Orengo said.

He said the resignation by the three commissioners is a symptom of an incurable and cancerous disease that bedevils the commission.

Without a doubt a doubt it undermines the legitimacy of the Jubilee administration and confirms that its election was an electoral fraud,” he said.

Orengo said NASA has demanded electoral justice with Raila Odinga making it a fundamental question to be dealt with by the nation in the dialogue initiative pronounced on March 9, after the historic handshake between Uhuru and Raila.

Chebukati must now lead the other commissioners out of IEBC by tendering his resignation letter together with those remaining commissioners and the entire Secretariat. Otherwise, the country will go through a political circus around an issue which has tremendous and significant constitutional importance,” he said.

According to Orengo, a debate on electoral justice should include a discussion on the structure of the executive.

He said its present design is incompatible with the creation of a nation based on inclusivity, protection of the well-being of communities and the nation, social justice and shared prosperity.

“We have completely abandoned the ethics, values and principals upon which the republic was established under the 2010 constitution,” Orengo said.

Source Daily Nation

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