PHOTOS: Sonko’s Youngest Daughter Treated to Lavish Birthday, Dressed in “Money”

There was merry-making and loads of fun in Governor Sonko’s household as the family came together to celebrate Sandra Mbuvi’s birthday.

As we have come to expect from the Mbuvis, the party was lavish and extravagant with the wealthy governor splashing millions to make sure his youngest daughter had a memorable day.

The weekend party was graced by Sandra’s relatives and closest friends but Sonko was inexplicably missing.

Despite Sonko’s absence, the Mbuvi ladies turned up in style for a fun-filled party. In fact, Sonko’s eldest daughter, Saumu, described it as the party of the year.

Drinks flowed, food was plenty and in buffet-style service, those in attendance danced, and Sandra’s presents were plenty.

The young lady of the hour was also dressed in an exquisite royal blue dress and was adorned with a sash and a crown made from replicas of currency notes in different denominations.

The bash came barely three weeks after Sonko splashed millions to celebrate his granddaughter’s birthday.

Here’s how Sandra’s lavish bash went down:

Source Nairobiwire

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