A Diaspora perspective – Reporting from Kenya: On the ground in Kenya there is an apparent crusade in the war on corruption. On the streets leading to Nakuru town from adjacent towns, the common scenes of police officers in various spots over short distances, are not as common as they were before.

There are so few police officers on the streets collecting money from the public transporters, the Matatus. It is as though the few police officers on the streets are collecting money with a lot of fear. Not only that, there are so many cases of government officers who are accused of corruption than any other time in the history of Kenya. I am witnessing Many cases of senior executives in the Private sector and in the Government, who are currently in court facing charges on corruption.

An Overpass in Nakuru

There is also a lot of construction going in most parts of Nakuru where I am visiting now. It is impressive to see what is going on. I have never seen Kenya go this far in the war on corruption before. Anyone visiting Nakuru today will easily notice the positive changes which are currently taking place.

Full view of the Overpass in Nakuru

In the past there had been cosmetic wars on corruption to woe funding from the donor community, which never looked as extensive, aggressive and as broad as the one I am noticing today. But we must wait for a while to see whether the government is serious in the war on corruption, or whether this current war is aimed at soliciting funding. It is also very sad to see some communities including their leaders, who are rising high in defense of those from their community who are accused of corruption, thus preventing them from going to court to answer charges.

If such communities stop complaining that their people are being targeted when accused of corruption, Kenya will go far. I urge the Kenya government to continue in this war on corruption without rest.

Isaac Newton Kinity.

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  1. njuguna muigai says

    Corruption starts in people,s minds so it is hard nut to crack. Even many Kenyans had accepted it as they congratulates who eat as they called and say he is not sleeping on his ears, so arresting and jailing corrupt officers wont solve or eradicate corruption we should teach our children corruption or get money illegally is evil

  2. Mary says


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