Funeral,Burial and Travel Expenses For Kenyans in Diaspora


Founding the bereavement program in 2017, Ukarimu is changing the way immigrant families support each other in times of bereavement especially when a loved one dies outside the United States. Our goal, the same today as it was then, is to make bereavement less burdensome by helping our members protect their finances from unexpected travel and funeral costs.

Today, our bereavement program covers members’ relatives (spouse, children, siblings, and parents). When a bereavement claim is made, regardless of where the dependent resides, Ukarimu will issue a check within 5 days of being notified. Help is within reach. Join us!

Our Commitment Continues

Because we’re the largest bereavement program catering to the immigrant community in the U.S., we accept and pay out more bereavement claims than any other bereavement company.

Your Family is Where Our Heart Is

Since 2017, Ukarimu has become one of the nation’s largest and most versatile service companies. We’re proud to offer this service to our members and their families.

The Leader In Immigrant Bereavement Support !

Dr. Acquillahs Muteti

Ukarimu, Inc.,

Fontana, CA 92337

Tel.: 1(833) UKARIMU


Source Ukarimuusa

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