Video of Jeff Koinange calling Jalang’o ‘stupid’ surfaces online

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Video of Jeff Koinange calling Jalang’o ‘stupid’ surfaces onlineAn undated video of radio host Jeff Koinange and former Hot 96 presenter Jalang’o in a seemingly awkward moment has surfaced online.

In the video, the two are discussing the recent cases of arson in Kenyan high schools and during their conversation, Jeff, albeit on a light note calls Jalang’o stupid.

“…maybe they have a WhatsApp group where they plan these things,” states Koinange.

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Jalang’o responds: “Tuchome hii tuchome hii.”

He then adds: “There’s no time we burned a school because we feared exams.”

At this point, Jeff says: “Because you were stupid.”

Jalang’o seems disturbed by this statement and asks Koinange to withdraw his statement.

“No, don’t use that word on me again. That’s the last time.”

Koinange then clicks and Jalang’o responds: “Don’t click by the way.”

Earlier this week, the comedian penned an emotional letter following his exit from Royal Media Services’ (RMS) Hot 96.

The message posted on his Instagram account on Tuesday indicated people who helped him settle at RMS and a special note to Jeff Koinange.

The celebrated comedian will join his former colleague at Standard Group’s Radio Maisha, Alex Mwakideu, at Milele FM.

They will link up with former head of Citizen Radio Joyce Gituro and presenters Francis Luchivya and Wilbroda, real name Jacky Nyaminde at the Swahili station.


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