Atwoli’s Sh5 million watch Gets Kenyans Talking


COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli on Wednesday evening divulged that he was wearing a Sh5 million watch during a TV interview and Kenyans were not impressed.

He added that he had two cars and most people often give inaccurate information about him.

“I have 2 cars for myself. Most people do not know me. Sometimes they over-value me and sometimes they under-value me.

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“My watch, for instance, is pure gold and cost me more than 5Million which I paid in installments,” he said.

Atwoli was bashed for bragging on national TV while there are far more pressing issues he could have tackled.

One netizen asked him to sell the watch and buy motorbikes for young people because in so doing he will have improved the lives of an entire generation.

Atwoli naked you came and naked you shall return— Dennis Macharia (@DennisInspired) August 15, 2018

The kind of rubbish we care less about.. Be humble— Patricia Mathenge???????? (@patsymathenge) August 15, 2018

5 million for just a watch,kwani inamsaidia kusoma katiba— Spurs philo (@SpursPhilo) August 15, 2018

Love or hate him, Atwoli is like a cowboy, who shoots from the hip. Daring and fearless.— Venswa (@Venswa61) August 15, 2018

My watch for instance is pure plastic and cost me more than 500 which I paid in cash. The two watches show the same time.#Stolen— Mutwiri Osalome (@MutwiriOsalome) August 15, 2018

Why should someone own a mere watch of 5 million? That money can be of benefit to your villagers. …invest in heaven boss …help orphans and widow in your village and God will bless you…..— singi mendene (@geoffre47310978) August 15, 2018

Above all…we are all mortal…i don’t even have a plastic watch but i know this is not all what will make us happy…seek God and put your treasures in HIM— Mandela Devis (@mandeladev) August 15, 2018

The seasoned voice of workers in the country also spoke of his marriage to a news anchor saying: I released my second wife after she joined politics and married Mary Kilobi!

“I knew her 13 years ago in Uganda! I am a stupid lover!..Na Katiba pia nasoma vizuri!!”

On matters leadership, Atwoli commended President Uhuru Kenyatta for his leadership saying he deserves more time to clean up the mess in the country.

Source The Standard Newspaper

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