Atwoli sets records straight on his marriage to Mary Kilobi


Bedroom prowess, age gap: Known to be a man full of life, COTU boss Francis Atwoli, 69, took on the public head on as he showered his wife Mary Kilobi with praise on live TV following reactions about their marriage.

Taking time to respond to querries about his marriage with the sassy media girl, Atwoli clarified that he married Kilobi, a Kiswahili anchor at KTN, after his second wife defiled his directive not to venture into politics leaving him a lonely man:

“I asked my second wife not to involve herself with politics but she chose that path. The reason I was asking her not to pursue politics was because I needed somebody to take care of me and since she joined politics, I married Mary so that she attends to me.”  He elaborated.

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Building on his need to have another wife, Atwoli was cheekily asked if, at his age, he is still able to satisfy a younger Kilobi in the bedroom. Without hesitation he responded: “Ninaweza mbaya sana. Katiba lazima usome. (Loosely translates to: I am extremely capable)”

Before he was done, Atwoli heaped praises on his young wife calling her a cute girl, a good cook and very loving saying that age limit does not exist between man and woman when asked about their huge age gap.

Mary Kilobi [Courtesy]
Atwoli met Kilobi 13 years ago in Uganda when she was a student at Makerere University during which he claims he made a promise to her that he will marry her when she got older. She was 21 then, interning at Uganda Broadcasting Corporation.WATCH VIDEO BELOW.

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Source The Standard Newspaper

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