Stop Perpetrating fear into the minds of the Kenyan people


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In a new twist, Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity, the Kenyan born human rights activist who now lives in USA, has now written to the Managing Director of the Transparency International, complaining about both the Kenya Government reluctance to institute a fresh investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Dickson Bogonko Bosire and Mr. Albert Muriuki on September 18, 2013 and on December 30, 2013 respectively, and the Transparency International reluctance to develop any concerns in support of the  important special cases related to the atrocities and the political crimes committed, which are often highlighted by individual concerned Kenyans.

Dr. Kinity claims that while many atrocities and other political crimes go cold in Kenya before any investigations are conducted, the families of the victims of such crimes are always left with everlasting pains and everlasting agony in disbelief that the fate of their loved ones will never be known. He has gone further to blame the Transparency International and other Human rights organizations for letting down the Africans by ignoring their continued cries over their suffering, pains and agony.

Dr. Kinity who from 2014 has continued to demand for fresh investigation into the disappearance of the two Kenyans through his articles in different papers, traveled to Kenya in December 2015. While in Kenya, he called for a press conference and also visited various newspaper offices, demanding for a fresh investigation to determine the fate of the two Kenyans. He also traveled to Kenya in January 2017 during which time he led a demonstration which took him to the offices of the the Clerk to the National Assembly, the Attorney General and the Inspector General of the Kenya Police, where he handed a petition regarding a fresh investigation into the disappearance of the two Kenyans.

Dr. Kinity insists that he will not rest until the fate of the two Kenyans is determined, as a means of ending the continued perpetration of  fear into the minds of the Kenyan people by those in political leadership positions, for the purposes of dominating leadership in Kenya unchallenged, and as a means of suppressing the freedom of expression in Kenya.
By Diaspora Messenger Reporter

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