Diaspora Shattered Dreams: Dennis Itumbi Suffering From Diaspora Memory Lapses

Diaspora Shattered Dreams: Dennis Itumbi Suffering From Diaspora Memory Lapses

The Director of Digital Communication and Diaspora affairs at the office of the President  have completely forgotten men and women in the diaspora that needs recognition during Kenyan State functions.

We watched the whole procession from the unusual “military mockery greetings” to the honoring of men and women that have made an impact to the Kenyan society and did not witness anyone from the diaspora being honored and yet there are men and women that have contributed immensely to the welfare of Kenyans.

The diaspora is only remembered while talking about remittances and forgotten in all other public affairs matters not to forget the long delays in issuing them e-passports.

We have men and women involved in keeping the Kenyan community and culture intact in the Diaspora.

We have church clergymen that have done a lot to the Kenyan community and we expect such people to get recognition.

We have the media group members that keep the Kenyans in the diaspora informed about the affairs of the outside world.

We have group leaders that keep the community members united while assisting them to invest back home.

We have men and women in the diaspora that have excelled in education and research and yet the director cannot recommend them for such honors.

We have businessmen in the diaspora that have made Kenya a force to reckon with

We have it’s endless!

It is with those few remarks that we can conclude that the director being a one time diaspora member may be having memory lapses and completely forgot the affairs of people in the diaspora.

You cannot convince anyone that the government is serious about people in the diaspora if it cannot recognize them during Jamhuri day.

We can conclude here that Diaspora 2030 vision was shelved the very moment Amina Mohammed left that docket.

The idea of implementing the policy just a figment of imagination and the same will never and ever be a reality.

The days of meeting the president in public social gathering is a thing of the past and so he may never know the problems people in the diaspora are facing for the person assigned to feed him with information is suffering from (DMLS) Diaspora Memory Lapse Syndrome.



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