Two sentenced to death for the murder of a Kenyan Priest in South Sudan

Two sentenced to death for the murder of a Kenyan Priest in South SudanA High Court in Gok State has sentenced to death two men found guilty of the murder of a Kenyan Priest in Cueibet Last month.

Father Victor Luke Odhiambo was attacked and killed by armed men last month, at the Mozzolari church compound in the state capital, Cueibet.

The state minister of information, John Madol told Eye radio on Tuesday that four suspects, two civilians and two army men were apprehended by the state police and later arraigned in court for trial.

He said the two others from the South Sudan People’s Defense Force were sentenced to 10 years in Prison for allegedly aiding the killers.

“Those accused were four two of them were sentenced to death and the other two have been imprisoned for a period of ten years, ten years in prison so this is what the state high court has decided.”

According to the state minister of information, the President of the State High Court Judge, Justice Yai Anyuon Akot announced the ruling on Monday.

“The state high court announced the final judgment in the name of those four suspects who have been apprehended by Gok state government before the state high court for trial,” he said.

The convicted men were identified as Chol Wieu Mabok and Tito Machiek Chol.

The 2008 South Sudan Penal Code provides for the use of the death penalty for murder, bearing false witness resulting in an innocent person’s execution or for fabricating such evidence or using as true evidence known to be false, terrorism or banditry, insurgency or sabotage resulting in death, aggravated drug trafficking and treason.

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