I was victim of Westgate attack: Steve Mbogo explains gun at DusitD2


Politician Steve Mbogo has issued a comprehensive statement regarding his fabled presence at 14 Riverside complex on Tuesday.

Through a long post on Instagram, Mbogo said that he has no apologies to make for spotting a bullet proof vest and a shotgun following the suspected Al-Shabaab attack.  

Mbogo claimed that he was a victim of the Westgate terror attack and as a licensed gun holder he could not sit back and watch.

He added that the weapon he was photographed wielding at Dusit D2 was a Derya-Anakon 12 gauge shotgun which is within his range as a licensed firearm holder.

The 2017 Starehe parliamentary aspirant further stated that the widely shared photo was taken by ‘characters unknown to him’ who are out to mislead and injure his reputation by peddling falsehoods.

Here is his post in full…

“Perhaps I should start with a brief reminder to those not in know that six years ago that’s 2013 I was a victim of The Westgate attack, the horrendous memories of children and women being shot at blankly at close range on the rooftop is always etched in my mind something that drives me not to have a second thought when it comes to the aid of those under the terror trap.

Steve Mbogo [Photo: Courtesy]

“It was a heart wrenching scenario that offers me an impetus and the zeal of always wanting to help whenever such a disaster strikes. Even after being a victim, I managed to jump two floors down to safety but I opted to remain at the scene instead of going home, I stayed from the day of the attack till the end of the operation whereby I helped with the voluntary assistance to the rescuers and other Kenyans of goodwill.

“Every patriot reckons Kenya is a beautiful country and a peaceful abode where natives and visitors call home. Ours is a country founded on concrete slabs peace love and unity, ingredients that have stirred the broth of friendship, brotherhood and neighborliness to a great taste. The tranquility we have enjoyed as a peace loving nation has in some untold ways furthered our country’s economic growth and prosperity in an unimaginable depths.

“Amidst all this the enemy has all along frowned upon our strides to grow,flourish and set our generations on paths of new discoveries and absolute independence. The 14 Riverside terror attack is one of the many ways the insidious remnants of ill will have tried to break our spirit as a solid nation but the strong Kenyan spirit has conquered the blunt and pejorative attempts by the faceless terrorists once again

“In my capacity as a patriotic Kenyan I couldn’t wait to be summoned to stand up for a brother, sister, mother, friend and a neighbor but showed at riverside 14 amid a broken heart full of prayers and hope that no innocent soul could be lost.

Steve Mbogo [Photo: Courtesy]

“Families were emotionally drained, physically shaken with the sad news of yet another attack. I went there with hopes to help, that little innocent child,the woman so afraid of what lays ahead, an incapacitated elderly on a wheelchair stretching an arm out with fright written all over his face for help.

“I don’t regret being there for my country and her people,I don’t regret taking a bold move while knowing I was putting my life on the line. I will do it again for Kenya and our people anytime am healthy and alive.

“Those who spewed negative barbs at my rescue session at riverside 14 can only be likened to sadists on full blown manic depression waiting to celebrate when one of us dies.

“We are one and we must stand up for one another. In simple terms we should be our brother’s keepers and ready to defend our country against any insurgencies at any given time.

“Last but not least I would also wish to categorically state that I am a civilian licensed firearm holder and the image being purveyed and shared on social media that I was using an assault firearm is unfounded, conjured up, misleading and defamatory in every aspect, because the firearm I had in the pictures taken by unknown characters and circulated on social media is a normal short gun Model- DERYA-ANAKON 12 GAUGE shotgun with a PUMP action MAGAZINE-FED which is within use for a licensed firearm holder like I am.

“Finally I laud our security agencies for steadfastness, quick and strategic handling of the situation. To the families that lost their loved ones I share in this moment of grief with you. My thoughts and prayers go to you and those who sustained all manner of injuries may you have a quick recovery and let’s pick up our pieces together as we rebuild our strong and confident front going forward. God bless you all and God bless Kenya,” he wrote.


Source The Standard Newspaper

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  1. Karĩa Ngo says

    It was a photo-op moment he couldn’t miss. Just to show off his guns?. What role did he play? How many people did he save?

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