I went to heaven and anointed Jesus’ seat- Prophet Owuor

I went to heaven and anointed Jesus’ seat- Prophet Owuor
I went to heaven and anointed Jesus’ seat- Prophet Owuor

Mama Rosa Chepochesau, 59, who ‘died twice’ is apparently not the only one Dr Owour resurrected. Those who know her claim she died ­ first in 2017, but was sent coughing back to life with a mobile phone text message from Owuor.

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Mama Rosa is not the only former dearly departed whom Owuor gave a second chance. In July 2018, his church’s senior archbishop, former district commissioner John Litunda, said in a testimony: “My lords, I’m extremely happy to stand before you. I want to say this; thank you, thank you, thank you for resurrecting me! Thank you for snatching me from the teeth of the dead.”

Whether those two actually died and resurrected or someone is spinning ­ fib is a matter of conjecture.

But how did the Owour Moses/Elijah mix came into being? In July 2018, Owuor, the founder of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness said in a crusade: “I see the two prophets of the Lord walking on their own, but one is super-glorious and glowing and wearing white shoes and white clothes.

“They are two. They are two. They are two! And you address them appropriately. Actually if you look around one is taller than the other. Yes, they are two. Be very careful!”

Well, Owuor prefers white shoes and white clothes and matching flowing suits.

Since then, Owuor refers to himself as the two biblical prophets Moses and Elijah. He further claims to have toured heaven where he held fruitful discussions with God and his son Jesus Christ.

Said Owuor in May 2018: “The Lord Jehovah, the tremendous God of heaven lifted me into heaven and took me to His throne. While I was there, there was tremendous glory.

“A lot of glory. Then the Lamb came. The Messiah came then God the Father extended a bottle of olive to my right hand. Then I went down on my knees and I anointed the seat of the Messiah.”

Yes! Owour ANNOINTED the seat of the Messiah!

There are those who believe Owour, the highly trained scientist, bachelor and father of a son he left in Israel, is a zealot who operates a cultish outfit. But not his followers.

They sweep and wash roads with soap in readiness for his triumphant arrival to crusades. Some left salaried jobs for his ministry. He has prayed for Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and William Ruto among, others.

Cynthia Jelagat Ng’etich from Eldama Ravine who has been worshipping at Owuor’s ministry since 2005, swears by his unmatched miracles, and says those who doubt are haters.

“The miracles include 1,0001 HIV positive patients healed and certified by medical doctors, baby Shirleen was healed of leprosy and many more,” she told The Nairobian.

“But because of hate, some people come up with fabricated stories that people have been paid to act.”

Rev Loice Okello, a counselling psychologist calls it religious fanaticism.

“It is because the person comes and styles themselves as one who answers a speci­fic need in society, which makes them be looked at as a Messiah of sorts,” says Rev Okello.

Additional reporting by Jeckonia Otieno



I went to heaven and anointed Jesus’ seat- Prophet Owuor

Source The Standard Newspaper

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    Its like reading a fiction story. Its all total lies and i liken him to a Prophet of Doom

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