VIDEO: Still seeking answers why my husband committed suicide


Still seeking answers: Laura Chite has experienced all seasons. She has experienced love and a jetset life. She has experienced career success. She has experienced joy and happiness. What she did not anticipate was her season of loss. At Engage 24, Laura shared her experience from her season of loss. Here below are other inspiring videos.

The Scars I Carry – John Kiarie

John Kiarie was raised by typical African Parents who believed in the bible verse “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” In this humorous and reflective talk, he narrates how he acquired the scars he has picked up in his journey of life. Like all scars, pain was a key part of acquiring then but they left memories that will last a lifetime.

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Who’s your Daddy? – Amani Maranga

Amani Maranga has experienced the awkwardness of many first dates. However, this moments did not adequately prepare him for the awkwardness of meeting his father for the very first time.

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Still seeking answers

Still seeking answers

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