Wake Up, Fathers! You’re the cure to the world’s problems!


Wake Up, Fathers!: Fatherhood is a gift from God and a blessing to those who embrace it. From biological, model to spiritual fathers, the role fatherhood plays in a society and the world at large cannot be overstated.  In fact, half, if not all of our problems  and their cure lie in the arms of our fathers!

As the world appreciates and celebrates the fathers and heroes of today,  I’d like to join and congratulate all the fathers out there.  You are the source of our being.  Come to think of it, where would the world be without fathers? You are that important and we look to you. Thank you  for nurturing  this generation.

Taking Responsibility

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While there is a lot to thank fathers for, it goes without saying that not every father is taking responsibility. Insensitive as it is, there are men who know they have a child somewhere but don’t even blink at the thought of it.  We are used to it, but this is a pain to the children and the whole world. Stand up, fathers! It feels good to belong.

Truth be told, there are no fatherless children. We are all born of a father, dead or alive.  It is just that some have run away from the responsibility of fatherhood. Many men have reasons to give as to why they are not part of their children’s lives. Many will look for excuses and blames to justify themselves, but  that’s not enough. No matter how sound, no reason is good enough.

Any man who has fathered a child is responsible and ought to be responsible for the child. Regardless of  how they relate with the mother, a father’s presence in a child’s life is magical.

The root of society’s problems

In my personal interactions, I’ve learned that there’s a void  in a considerable number of young adults who don’t get that opportunity to interact with their fathers. There’s a thirst of wanting a father that can only be quenched by having or knowing there is one. As nature abhors a vacuum, these youths find something to fill that gap. Drug abuse, prostitution, sexual abuse, violence, name them all; are some of the evil that young men and women use to fill that emptiness. Missing that link(a father figure) has contributed to most of the society’s problems, sadly.

Being there

Dear fathers, be there. Compliment your daughters. Let them know they are unique, beautiful and world changers.  Reward their good performance, befriend them.  Be available. Let your daughters feel safe. Give them gifts, take them out. Be the first one to show them the world. It is these little things that make a difference.

Fathers, befriend your sons. Teach them survival tactics. More-so, let them know that they can’t always have yes for an answer. Life has to go on. It actually goes on.  How did our forefathers survive?  Did they axe down those who rejected them?  Take charge our dearest fathers, help model the fathers of tomorrow. In so doing, we’ll have a generation to look up to.

Solving the world’s problems

Wake up, fathers. The world needs you. Your being away hurts the society, it affects the whole nation at large. Needless to say, you are the  solution to our burning issues.  Be  there in all aspects. Emotionally, physically, financially. You’re the cure to the the deadbeat syndrome.

By embracing fatherhood and taking responsibility, we’ll have happier homes and societies. In other words, half of the world’s problems will be solved!

Impossible is Nothing.

Wake Up, Fathers!

Elizabeth Ekakoro, Diaspora Messenger Contributor

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